Installation for non admins

I am trying to install a virtual lab for a user that does not have admin credentials to their computer. Whenever I use my admin credentials, the labs are instead installed to my profile. Is there a way in which a non admin user can install and use this software? Also, I see that there is an option for Chromebook. Is this done with a Chrome extension and can that also be done on Windows install of Chrome?

Hmm- we often have remote IT install it on faculty computers with their admin credentials and they can install it right in the user’s AppData Local folder and it seems to work just fine for them. Feel free to submit a ticket on the Support page and I can help you with other work-arounds if that would be useful.

Our Chromebook apps are in the approval stage with the Google Play store. We’re hoping any day in the next week or so those should be up and ready to go. Those are android apps that are formatted to work on a Chromebook.

Any further questions?