Installation doesn't proceed

I am enrolled in a high ed physics course at Pierce college.
I downloaded the application, and when given the list of subjects to choose and download from, I choose physics, and it says it is downloading and then installing, but when it finishes, it shows the download button again as if I did not download it. I tried disabling my firewall but to no resolve. I need this asap.

Hello, @medrlee

It sounds like your copy of the software may have run into an issue when it first installed. My best recommendation to start would be to find the file in your computers directory (Applications for Macs or Add or Remove programs for windows) delete the specific lab that isn’t opening (Virtual Physics) and try again from the Beyond Labz launcher.

Hope that helps!

Mitch’s suggestion is good. Also, you may just need to find wherever your installers got hidden on your computer. Follow along with the troubleshooting videos I posted on our Support page for whatever type of operating system you have:

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, yet to no resolve. I followed the troubleshoot video, but upon the search, there was no file (exe) to run under the same of physics or virtual or labs. The only files were the launch file, a zip file and a html save.

@medrlee Are you on a Mac or a PC?

PC - Windows 10
it is a laptop if that is relevant

Great- thanks! Ok, so could you please close the beyond labz program (with the arrow in the top right corner) then go into those hidden folders like I showed in the Troubleshooting Video C://Users>YourUserName>AppData> Roaming>beyond_labz_cc>public>install
Are you seeing a VirtualPhysics.exe program there?
If so, please double click on it and let it run. Then when you reopen Beyond Labz, Physics should have switched to Open.
If not, let us know!

Works! Thanks
I followed the tutorial which showed a different file location before…

the troubleshooting video just didn’t take you quite as far into those hidden folders. Did you manage to find the executable Virtual Physics program?
How did the new install go?

now the open prompt is showing and it seems to work

Great! Good luck in the lab! Let us know if you have further questions!