Incompatible with Chromebook

I’m having compatibility issues with the Chromebook I just purchased. I have a HP Chromebook Model 14-CA061DX. I tried downloading Beyond Labz on the website, but was instructed to download the app using the Play Store. When the app didn’t appear in my search, I turned to the forums (here) and found links to the apps. These were all incompatible with my device. I’m supposed to start teaching this week and have no access to the material. Any suggestions?

Oh no! When you searched for Beyond Labz LLC from the play store and found our individual apps in the play store they were all incompatible with your device? I’m so sorry! That means that there must be some incompatibility with your chromebook and the hardware specifications of our programs. So unfortunately that may mean that you may need to get a different computer. We would recommend a windows or mac. There are certainly other chromebooks that will run the program, but you got unlucky.