I think I got scammed for the purchase. I don't know who to contact

When I bought the activation code I paid $25 but when I checked my bank account $35 were used. I don’t know who to contact or to request for the extra $10 refund. Please help.

Oh we’re so sorry something went wrong with your purchase! Could you please email us a copy of your receipt that you received from Ludwig@beyondlabz.com?
That way we can look up your account information and see if the issue happened on our end or if it is something that happened with your bank.
Just submit a ticket on the beyondlabz.com/support page and we’ll look into it!

It looks like you have a Canadian email address. We are a US company. Our price is $25 USD. It looks like the exchange rate to Canadian dollars would set that currently at about $35, so that would explain what you are seeing from your credit card charge.
Please let us know if you have further questions.

in the receipt it clearly mentions $25.

yes, exactly. $25 USD is currently $35 Canadian. Your credit card company computed the exchange rate for you.