I downloaded the program but there is a problem

I have an Hp computer, I downloaded the program because my computer uses windows but when i try to connect it won’t work and i don’t know what to do.

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@Bunny123 sorry your having issues could you reach out to us though this link - https://www.beyondlabz.com/support

I am also having this problem, except I have a Lenovo. I downloaded the Beyondlabz Connect program and it told me to start up the program and then click on “connect”, but the program doesn’t start up… I click on the connect button anyways and nothing has happened for hours. I have no idea what to do.

I’m so sorry you are having a hard time. Are you in the main admin account on your computer or a separate sub-user account?
After you have downloaded and installed the Connect program, you will access the labs through your browser from here on out. Go to portal.beyondlabz.com, login and then you can Connect and get started.
Reach out to us on https://www.beyondlabz.com/support if you have more specific questions about your issues.

beyondlabz connect|690x269

Yes I am on my account on my laptop.

I am literally stuck on this page (file provided above). It won’t let me proceed to purchase the program or proceed to step 2.

So my guess is that your account is not the main admin account on your computer. Can you switch which account you are logged in as, please? Or you have antivirus software that has blocked it.
Otherwise you will need to use our older version of the software to get it running in a sub user account.
Please reach out as I said to the support page and submit a ticket so I can help you with more specifics on your device.

Hi Heather,

So this is my main account since I am the only one who uses this laptop and have never used beyondlabz before.

I unblocked all ad blockers/trackers. But it is still not working.

I also submitted a ticket.

I’ll respond to your support ticket now!