How can I create and assign my own unknowns

I can create practice unknowns with parameters of my choice. How do I create My OWN mixtures and assign them to students? I would like them to do multiple unknowns to master the skills sets and want to be able to record their responses.

@nancymullins Great question! What lab bench are you using? That will help us give you the best explanation of how to do what you are asking.

In general- you can create preset links with unknowns created with whatever you want in the unknowns. You can make them Practice Unknowns- so they can generate a new unknown every single time they load the link from you. Practice Unknowns will allow students to practice as many times as they want, but will reveal the answer of what is in the unknown and not automatically record the answers in the LabBook. You would need to tell your students to record their observations, procedures and what unknowns they got in the LabBook so you could review their work.
Or you can make them Assigned Unknowns (from within the Assignment menu in the online portal) and that will give each student a set Unknown- the same every time they click that link from you. When the answer to that type of Unknown is revealed, the answer and the student’s guess are both reported in the LabBook for you to see.

There are different use cases for both types of unknowns. We’re happy to explain them more, so you can find the right combination that works for whatever you are trying to do!

We have created video tutorials showing how each type of Unknown work in each lab bench. Feel free to browse these videos to start and then we can follow up with more instructions on how to use these as needed.


  Support here (BeyondLabz) is really frustrating.  Nancy Mullins asked how to create her own mixtures to assign to her students.  In your reply you tell her she can do it but not how.  I am looking for that information to be able to create my own sets of unknown cations for BeyondLabz 3.0.  I don't see "the how to" for this anywhere and other than telling us it can be done you have not told us how. 


@emb Oh, I’m sorry that wasn’t more clear!
Sounds like you are using Inorganic.

Here’s a video of how those unknowns work in Inorganic:

That video shows how you can create your own assignments for your students with whatever unknown sets you want to create.
Please let me know if you have any further questions!