Higher education chemistry instructor manual?

Is there an up-to-date higher education chemistry instructor manual? The one here is for the last version and is woefully out of date.

@DrBeaker Nope. Sorry. I’ve been working on a lot of other projects and haven’t finished updating that one. All of the content questions are the same as in the current versions, so it is certainly a good start, but I’m sorry I haven’t finished it yet. I will update you once I get the new one finished.

I kind of answered this one in the last email, but I can’t tell you how unacceptable it is for a new product to come out and all the videos are out of date and/or in several different locations and there isn’t an “owner’s manual” to look over. It just screams of unprofessionalism and is very disappointing. I like the concept of BeyondLabz, and would like to use it to supplement my labs, but it’s too scatter-organized and loaded with errors or work-arounds instead of fixes.