Higher Ed Preset Lab Activities - Student Worksheets

The full list of available student worksheets, by subject and topic, can be found here:

@ludwig Is there a similar list that shows all lab (experiments)?

@YoK Hmm- not sure exactly what you are referring to. Our labs can be used to do a large range of experiments. We wrote up worksheets for some basic ideas, but we hope instructors will invent their own worksheets & activities and will feel free to explore what they can do in the lab that works for their students.
Or were you asking about all lab activities that we have for high school also, in addition to higher education activities?

I wasn’t sure whether there are pre-set experiments with instructions etc. Which it sounds like there are not. Essentially an instructor would create their own experiment based on what equipment and chemicals are available in the simulation?


@YoK Well all of our worksheets in that list that you found all have step by step instructions, so hopefully those will be useful. Many professors just use our worksheets as a quick fill-in for lab activities, but yes since the program is so open-ended, you can create experiments however you’d like!
When you download the program you can access all of hundreds of worksheets from within our Beyond Labz client. Any further questions?

For some reason I couldn’t get the labs to download, but the worksheets did. So, I’ll look at them again.

Does the system integrate with Canvas at all?

Do you know whether the existing materials are ADA compliant?



@YoK Oh let’s make sure you can get the labs to download! That’s the best part! I have several troubleshooting videos that could help on our Support page. Let me know if you need any further help.
Our program is locally installed on computers, so it isn’t a website that can integrate in Canvas. But many professors choose the worksheets they want students to use and post the Word versions of those worksheets in their Canvas classes so students can edit them and submit them back onto Canvas for grading. Students also can submit their saved Lab Book files on Canvas.
The labs are ADA compliant. You do need to be able to use a mouse or trackpad to manipulate the program.

@YoK Here is a link for our VPAT:

Hi Heather,

The troubleshooting video helped. Thanks.

Now I’m getting a message that says that I don’t have an active license though. I think maybe it is because I’ve been trying for 2+ days to get the labs to download my 2 days have run out.

Any ideas on how I can access the labs now?



How can I get the Word versions of the worksheets that you mentioned? I have a student who uses a screen reader and the PDFs are completely untagged.

yes, happy to send on word versions. What subject do you want them for? Gen chem, Organic, physics, etc?

Gen chem and organic, please!

Ok, here they are!
We’re going to be posting these all in our Instructor’s Lounge today too.

Just let me know if you need anything else!

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The Organic chemistry list does not show the new techniques worksheets

. Where can I find them?

I found them in a previous post! Thanks

Good job! Where is this list you screenshotted from? I’d love to go in and fix it so we make sure the techniques worksheets are listed everywhere.

Hi Heather,

Where can I find these (word versions of worksheets)? I need them also.

I found the O chem word worksheets on a post. Is there a place that puts them together so I can find them faster?

Related" , is there a navigation map for this site ? I have a question, I posted it but now I do now until when I will get an answer and I am not sure where to check
Or is there another site where I can get help whitout having to search posts. It is time consuming…
Thanks in advance

Where can I find the actual worksheets?

The actual worksheets will be in the “Activities” Tab in the Beyond Labz portal (where you launch the Lab simulations from):