Having Trouble With License

I recently purchased one of your year-long licenses in May of 2020 and it says that it has now expired. I tried resubmitting my code but it won’t do anything.

I’m so sorry you are having a hard time.
Could you check a few things for me?

  1. Did you use your activation code on another computer? (It will only work on one- let me know if you want me to deactivate it from your other computer so it works on your new device).
  2. Did you make sure you put in all of the dashes that were initially in the code and don’t have any extra spaces?
  3. Do you have Beyond Labz open while you are trying to open the individual lab you need? (sometimes people on Macs don’t realize they have to have BL open for their license to transfer over to the individual labs and they just try to open with the individual Lab icons).

Please feel free to reach out to us on support@beyondlabz.freshdesk.com with a screenshot of your License tab with your activation code entered and I can look into your specific codes.

Heather, thanks for getting back. I recently got a new computer and didn’t realize I had to deactivate it. Let me know what you need from me!

Please just send me a screenshot of your License tab on your new computer and the License tab on the old computer, then I can swap expirations on the back end. You can post them here in a private message, or email them to support@beyondlabz.freshdesk.com and I’ll get them either way.

I just sent them via email. Thanks!