Grey Screen when I open Chemistry Labs

Hi. I have downloaded the client and am able to download the Chemistry lab and open it with no problem. However, when I go to open one of the lab benches, sometimes the bench - without loading preface - comes up as a blank grey screen. This is inconsistent. Sometimes benches open just fine, with a loading screen before seeing the bench. This seems to only exist with the chemistry lab. The benches in orgainic open consistently. I have tried reinstalling, restarting computer. Any help would be appreciated.

Ah, the gray screen. Are you on a Surface Pro or Surface Book?
This is a known Windows graphic glitch when apps use a larger number of layers. It is really a bug in some of their drivers. Please search for video card driver updates and update those and restart your computer.

Other things that will help: if you click on the “x” on that gray screen it doesn’t close the screen but then you can click on the lab icon or the worksheet link again and then it works.
You can also get the gray screen for the labs when the resolutions are super high or odd proportions. You can also try adjusting your screen resolution to see if that helps.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thanks, those suggestions helped