Getting stuck at Installation of Chemlab

I am able to download, install, open and use the Organic Chemistry and Biology labs, but the Chemistry one is stuck at ‘Installing at 100%/ Moving Chemistry into place and finalizing’. It has been for a couple days now. any ideas?
Also I just tried rebooting my computer. It was able to clear the above messages for Chemistry and was back to showing ‘Install’. When I clicked on that, it went through the Install process, but stalled at the same place (i.e. showing the same messages as noted above).
Further to the above, I noticed this error message as well.


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Well that’s strange! My guess is that that download got corrupted somehow in the downloading process. Do you have Admin permission on your computer? Are you logged in on the main admin account?
So I’d go in and delete it. The file will be in this location: C:://users/adminusername/appdata/roaming/beyond_labz_connect
Delete whatever you see there for Virtual ChemLab. You may have an extracted file and a zipped file.
then quit your connect program by selecting quit with the flask icon on your bottom bar by the wifi symbol. Then refresh your browser, log back in and try installing again. If you have an issue this time, see if you ended up with a new unzipped folder in that Roaming folder. If so, please just drag it over into Program Files manually. Then when you disconnect Connect and reconnect it should recognize Chemistry.
Let us know how that goes and if you need any more help contact us through: