Free trial option

Hi folks
do you still offer the 2 day free download?
It would help my students who are struggling to get logged in

Our new portal version does not have a free trial option for students. I’m sorry they have been struggling. We apologize for the tech issues this week but we think that we’ve worked out the database/server kinks that were causing login issues for some users. I would recommend you have your students try logging in again to to see if it works better for them now. If they continue to have issues, they can reach us and get individual help through the page.
If you would like them to have the free trial, they will need to use our old version of the software:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Thanks for your thorough email in what I am sure has been a crazy time for your group!

Karen Matchett

313 Padnos


You’re welcome. definitely not the stellar release i was hoping for but gosh i’m hoping our programmers have got everything up and scaled properly for high volume now!