Files not saving

Why am I having trouble saving files on Beyond Labz? When I press file–>save file, it won’t let me actually save the file.

I’m sorry you are having a hard time saving. Could you please give me a bit more information about what you were doing when you tried to save your labbook? What type of operating system are you on?
My first suggestion is that you should make sure you fully close (with the exit arrow in the top right hand corner) Beyond Labz, and your lab program that you are using regularly when you are done in the lab. Don’t leave it running for days on end in the background.
Also make sure you restart your whole computer periodically- just good practice.
Next, please try saving the labbook to the desktop with a generic name, like labbook.lbk
Hopefully that will clear up your situation.
I’m so sorry if you had to repeat the lab several times.

Hi Heather. Thank you for the reply! I actually got the files to start saving again! I think it was an issue with my computer and not the app specifically.