Exporting Lab Notebook

Are there directions on how to export the lab notebook or copy TLC/Spectra from the notebook into a Word or PDF file?

I responded to you from the support desk. To have the Export PDF functionality in Organic you just need to update to the newest version of Organic. Uninstall the Virtual Organic Lab that you have right now and then download a new copy of Organic. That will give you the new functionality.
Let us know if you have further questions.

If I uninstall my current version of Virtual Organic Lab and download the latest version, will I need to reenter the license code?

Nope! Not sure which version you are using- 1.7 or 2.0, but in neither version do you have to reenter a license code.
In 1.7- just delete the lab itself, not beyond labz. Your license is tied to your computer, so even if you uninstall Beyond Labz, when you reinstall it, it will repopulate your license. It just takes a long time to reinstall the whole program, so I wouldn’t recommend it!
with 2.0- the portal website- your license is tied to your email address, so you can log on on different computers, delete labs, reinstall them- your license is stored online, so that doesn’t get lost based on what you do on your computer.
Any more questions!

Thanks for your prompt response.
I am not sure how I can uninstall just the organic chemistry part of the program. Would I have to go into the program files and delete the files associated to the organic portion of Beyond Labz?

Yes, if you are using the portal version, just go to the Program Files folder and delete the Virtual OrganicWin folder. Then Quit the Connect with the flask icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (by the wifi and battery symbols).
Then refresh your browser, log back in on the portal website and Install Organic again.
Let us know if you need any more help!