Hello i’m french . I’m very interested by your lab but there is a mistake with tlc when you demonstrate the esterification. At the end of the reaction there is still reagents because the yield is 66 % !

Hi @jpaul We’re so glad you are exploring with the product! Are you referring to one of our YouTube videos? In the Organic Synthesis of an Ester video I showed the TLC at the very end, but that had made it to completion. How did you calculate yield of 66%

Could you give me a bit more detail of what you are referring to?

Hi heather. Everybody knows that esterification is reversible since ester and water can react ! It’s an équilibrium.( in aqueuse phase)
Therefore, at the very end, ther’are still alcohol and acid.
Perhaps you use ether as solvant?

@jpaul We just show that the reaction will go to 100% completion, which was probably programmed for simplicity. So you are correct, the software is just a little short in this case. We are definitely making assumptions and have limits the simulation. We hope you still find it adequate for your needs, but yes we do have limits on how to show reversible reactions.
Please see the attached screenshots from our Help menus about our

assumptions and modeling.

hi, have the simulator a Dean-Stark device ?

@jpaul No we don’t. Sorry. You can watch a tutorial about how our distillation device can be used, if you haven’t already played around with it.