Downloading a link and opening it for an unknown substance

My prof is giving us a lab in chemistry where we have to find the molar mass of an unknown substance. In order to do that we have to download a file that he gives us but I am not able to download that file, and I also cannot do the other method of changing the file data on my mac in canada. What am I supposed to do?

Thanks for reaching out! Most likely your professor has sent you a preset link - where they’ve built part of the lab for you and want you to proceed from there.

It should be a file that ends in .vla

If you are unable to download it, you’ll need to contact your professor and have them email the file to you or give you directions to build the lab in the same way they did.

If you are able to get the file, you will want to open your chemistry lab, then press ctrl+shift+q and a window will pop open that will ask you to select the .vla file. Select the one your professor gave you and the lab should load!

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do on our end since this is a custom file from your professor - you’ll have to work with them to make sure you get your lab started the way you need. :slight_smile: