Download keeps freezing

Hello I am just trying to download the Beyond Labz setup, but it’s frozen 1/3rd of the way through. I have downloaded it before but I had other issues and the forum I looked at before told me to delete/uninstall everything. Every time I click on the “download for windows” version to try and restart it, it just takes me to the same frozen installation.

If this makes any sense could someone help me get it to install properly?

@connor I’m sorry you are having a hard time. So with the stage you are in right now, this is what I’d recommend:

  1. Go into Add or Remove Programs and Uninstall Beyond Labz. Force the install to quit if you need to.
  2. Dive into your file explorer to find this folder. It is hidden, so you will need to unhide hidden folders. c://Users/YourUserName/AppData/Local/beyond_labz_cc-updater
  3. Also delete: c://Users/YourUserName/AppData/Local/Programs/beyond_labz_cc
  4. Delete the installer you already were trying with (from your Downloads folder).
  5. Download a new installer from our website and try over again.
  6. If you get the Beyond Labz program to open, then you’ve got it and you don’t need to delete it ever again. If you are having issues with the downloads of individual labs, that’s a different problem, but you don’t need to delete Beyond Labz to deal with that.

Please feel free to submit a support ticket from if you have any further issues. No need to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to try to fix things- we are happy to provide direct support for your specific issue.

I am getting an error message on step one… I sent a picture for you to see. If you know how to fix lmk! It would be much appreciated.


Did you already delete the folders before you tried to uninstall? If you did, you might need to restore those so Windows can find the uninstaller.
Do you have any antivirus software that may be interfering?
I am happy to hop on a video call with you to help sort it out. Let me know if you still need help. I’m free for the next 3 hours.

I deleted the folders since another forum said to in order to restart everything. I also deleted everything in my recycle bin earlier today, so I wouldn’t know how to restore the folders. I would love to get on a video call tomorrow to figure this out if you would be so kind!