Demo - Inorganic - Flame Test

A demo walkthrough of the Flame Test in the Inorganic Lab

This a great lab! To provide a more quantitative understanding of emissions, would it be possible to have students record the emission spectra of the flame tests? They would get spectra that looks something like this (from Wikipedia):


Obviously it wouldn’t matter if the spectra were colored, but at minimum it would be nice to give them a set of data that they could then graph themselves. We would need wavelength in the x-axis and intensity in the y-axis for this lab. This way they could look at the wavelengths of the significant peaks in the emission spectra and be able to provide more substantial data to show what elements are in the unknown mixtures. This would especially be nice for elements like copper, that traditionally produce poor emission graphs in a high school lab. If I’m unclear or you’d like more information, please let me know.

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That is a good idea. We can definitely add that to our development roadmap.