Cross listing techniques for Organic Experiments

I was wondering if there is a resource that can cross list techniques with experiments.
It would like to choose experiments that represent a variety of different work-ups, for example.
Liq-Liq, Distillation, Recrystallization

Hi jbfriesen,

I would imagine that you already have the information on our recently developed organic activities that cover specific workups/standard techniques. If not, I am happy to provide more information about that.

We do not have a specific resource that connects specific experiments with techniques.


I discovered that the Nitration of Toluene experiments 8-2 & 8-3 have a distillation step. So I will definitely include them in my curriculum.

It seems like one can recrystallize any reaction product.
Some will give a pile of crystals in the recrystallization dish.
Others will give nothing.
For those that successfully recrystallize, a MP is available.
Which experiments yield a recrystallizable product?

Sorry for the delayed response. I checked with the lab creator and this is what he said:
The dish doesn’t show nothing but it shows an oil, which is hard to see. You won’t get the oil if the liquid product is volatile, however.
We don’t have a list of our experiments that provide a solid product.