Connection Error

Hello, I’m having troubles for connecting to Beyond Labz app. After dowloading the program and installing Beyond Labz Connect, the application on my computer is not running, I don’t know why. Additionally, when I try to connect the app to the portal through, there is the following error: “Connection Error, Sorry there appears to be a problem with your connection. Try clicking on Connect again, and if that does not work, try quitting Beyond Labz Connect and Click Connect again.”

I tried quitting the application, restart the computer, deleting the cookies, deactivating the antivirus from the pc, uninstalling the application and installing it again, but nothing works.
Could you please help me?

You need to be running the program in the main admin account on your computer. If that is going to be a problem, let us know and we can help you get the older version up and running in a sub-user account.
Also, if you have antivirus software you will need to create exceptions/exclusions for the folders where our program is.
If you are in the main admin account on your computer, then please note the following.
To open the labs you will always need to open with the site.
My guess is that you need to quit your connect program and reconnect to see if you can now make the Connection.

We can help you easier & more directly if you reach out to us on our support page:
Please just submit a ticket there if you have further questions.