College of the Canyon License + more options

Hi. We are currently on Spring Break but will be back online on Monday. I am working on pre-lab orientation for a list of experiments we will be using for Chem 255 by running a Power Point presentation for each experiment. We have at least 7-8 experiments to do before the semester ends and I am in the process of adapting it for the labs we will be using.

How do I get the activation code to the students beginning next week?

Also I was wondering if it is possible to add a fractionating column to the distillation set up?
Also, maybe have a rotavap option?
Add Na2SO4 to dehydrate during solvent extraction.

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@mespanol748 Great questions! I’ll have @brian help you in getting activation codes. They are easy to distribute & students can just enter them in their individual programs on their computers.
I’m not an Organic Chemist, but I can answer your questions partially, and I’ll let my colleagues add to my answers.

  • There is definitely a Rotovap- that’s what the separatory funnel does. I included a screenshot from the Help menu to show our explanation of that process.

  • We don’t have the capacity right now to add new equipment into the interface, but I know you can do fractional distillations by just pulling off the various components throughout a distillation process as the temperature gradually leads to the separation of each part. We’ve got a tutorial almost ready to post to our YouTube channel about how distillation works. That will help show you how to do that.

  • Part 3 on your question I just don’t know the answer to. I’ll have someone else answer on that part.

Unfortunately there is not currently an option to add a fractionation column to the distillation apparatus, though that would be a stellar addition!

As Heather mentioned, the students do not actually carry out the rotovap step themselves, the Help menu explains some assumptions that are made in the Synthesis laboratory. One of these is that when the organic layer is pulled out of the sep funnel from the extraction into a flask, a rotovap step is automatically included. So, for example, in the sep funnel you may have a product soluble in ether. As soon as you drag this organic layer out of the sep funnel and to the cork ring, the ether will disappear (from the un-shown rotovap step).

We do not currently have magnesium or sodium sulfate salts to dry the organic layers, but that would be another great addition.

Thank you for your email. I will incorporate it into my pre-lab slides. I do love your virtual labs and definitely a lifesaver (coursesaver). I am so happy that my college went ahead with my recommendation. We start using it on Monday.

Thank you to all who have worked to put this together.