Client App Not Opening

I downloaded the application, ‘Connect’. It does not open, but it is visible under processes in Task Manager and does cause noticeable uptick in my CPU. I have tried running it as an administrator, have scanned it several times with my anti-virus software. I can open the Chemistry module by navigating through the online portal, but I need to be able to access the connect feature. I have deleted the install file, downloaded it again, restarted the computer, and all my firmware and BIOS hardware is updated. Any suggestions?

I answered your other post about this same issue, but I’ll respond here too so others can see it.
You have the Connect program running in the background. That is exactly what it is intended to do.
Everything is now accessed through the browser. The worksheet activities are all located online and the labs are launched through the browser. Your license is applied to the labs when you open them through the browser.