Chem Labs download, but never offered option to "Open", always says, "Download"

I have been down to the school’s IT department numerous times now. A colleagues laptop downloaded it just fine. Mine did not. I have now been given Admin privledges, and it still won’t download. In fact, I am never even offered the option to “Run Anyway” when Windows halts the setup.

I think I may have a solution, but a bit more information will help - what version of the lab are you running? 1.7 is the version where you launch the labs from the launcher app. Version 2.0 launches the labs from

I have tried both to no avail.

Ok, so let’s stick with version 2.0.

Lets have you disconnect from your connector and then reconnect and see if that fixes the issue first, make sure version 1.7 is closed before you do the following:

Click in the bottom right of your screen on the up arrow, right click on the flask icon and select quit:

Then in your browser click Ctrl-R to refresh the browser.

Then log back in, click Connect again- it might take a couple clicks- just wait and it should reconnect soon.

then what happens when you click on the lab download/open icon again?

Unfortunately, once I download from

I click the beyondlabzconnectsetup.exe and I receive the following pop-up…

If you click on “More Info” it should pop up with an option that says something like “Run Anyway”.

Hey Carter,

It appears Beyond Labz did some updates. The entire download process seem different. Can I please have a trial code to enter so I can sample the software? It all seems like it is working on for now…

You should be able to use the same code you used for your 1.7. If you were using the trial of 1.7, then send me an email ( and I can get you a trial code for 2.0. The labs function the same, the way they launch is just different.

Hey Carter,

I have had no luck finding the trial code. How can I go about getting a replacement/have my old one redistributed so that I can try downloading the 2.0 version and installing that?

If you could send me an email ( I’d be happy to get you a new trial code.