Can't open the application on my Mac

I have a MacBook Pro, and I tried downloading this application for my General Chemistry II class. I attempted literally like 15 times within he same day, and it would download, finish downloading and appear on the top right as downloaded. I cannot open the app AT ALL. I am getting very frustrated because I have to do labs for my chemistry class and I already told my professor and she directed me to this link/website. Do I have to just download it on my PC if it’s not working on here??? I need help ASAP.

wow that sounds super frustrating! So I have a couple of follow up question. It sounds like you downloaded the Beyond Labz Connect program. Do you now have an icon in your Applications folder for Beyond Labz Connect? Or just the Beyond Labz Connect 2.0.2 .dmg installer file on your desktop?
If it is in your Applications folder, then all you need to do is just go back to the website, log back in and click Connect. Then install the labs from there. Our portal website is where your license information is stored and where you launch and run the programs from.
Please feel free to submit a support ticket if you have further follow-up questions based on your specific situation: