Can't add reagent next to heat stand to alcohol reaction lab

During lab today as I was trying to add HCl to the flask it did not let me no matter what where I place the syringe. I was able to add the alcohol to the flask and I brought the flask over to the heating stand and when I clicked and dragged the syringe from the HCl to the flask and released the mouse the HCl was not added and I could not add any of the solutions on the table (like sulfuric acid). I reloaded the program and cleared the lab but nothing worked. I am not sure if this is an error on my end. I know the syringe locks in place when you hover at the right location over the flask but I tried shifting the mouse but nothing worked. Could someone help me please?

I’m sorry you are struggling in the Organic lab.
A couple initial tips- I’d recommend double clicking on bottles to add reagents- its easier to add the chemicals that way than trying to drag the syringes and find the hot spots. You can always tell what has been added by the list on the blackboard.
Next- I’d watch one of our videos in the synthesis lab to see if that helps you learn how to move equipment around: Show Me the Results Ep. 09 - Organic Synthesis of an Ester - YouTube
You can’t add the workup reagents (the big white bottles at the front of the table) until after you have done your sep funnel extraction. Use the red lid bottles for the initial reagents to add.
We also responded to your message to our support desk. Please feel free to reply to that if you have any further questions!

Thank you double clicking did the trick!

Hello there, i have a question too. I try to do the Alcohol Halogenation 2 experiment, but when i add the alcohol and the HCl in the flask, the product that appears on the board is incorrect, and the TLC test is blank before and after the reactión. How can i fix that?

@aggr1911 What appeared on your board when you added the alcohol and the HCl? Can you send a screenshot of your blackboard?