Cannot open it

I am having the same problem as Stephen. I am unable to connector Beyond Labz. I’ve tried all the recommendations so far but none have work. If I could please get some assistance that would be wonderful. Thank you!

Yes- we’re happy to help. As you’ve seen in prior messages, we are best able to help you diagnose what is happening if you email us with specifics on your computer, but I can start here. We’ll need to know if you are on a win or mac, if you are in the main admin account on the computer, if you have antivirus software installed that may be blocking the program.

My labs are not installing. They continue to say 100% and I cannot open them. I have even reset my computer, but no change.

Oh I’m so sorry you are having a hard time! If you want specific help on your computer, please send us a message through the More Help button on our website:
It will help if you tell us if you are on a windows or a mac. Then we can give you specific instructions on how to find the hidden folders where your computer must have left the labs, since it didn’t have permission to move them to the final destination probably.
Looking forward to helping you from support.

I am also having trouble launching beyond lab and I know this is the same for others in my class. I downloaded the app through my school’s lab manual and website. I downloaded it multiple times onto my Mac but it won’t launch. I keep clicking the icon on the dock but it just won’t open. It doesn’t even have a popup window. When I right click it, it has the option to open but won’t. I have an antivirus but I think it’s not constantly on on the background. I think it is just a scanner (Avira). I also contacted the support email but decided to try this forum as well.

I believe we responded to you from the support page, and that you got it to connect, by launching through the website. The icon on your desktop will not launch your browser.
Please let me know if you still need help!