Cannot open it

I’ve already download it, but I cannot open it. Here’s the error report window.
I tried to reinstall many times, but it doesn’t help.

I’m sorry you are having a hard time. Do you have antivirus software that may have blocked your program?
How far did your program make it in the installation? Did you make it through the blue installing worksheets page to where you saw the white Beyond Labz client and can download labs?
That error looks like a corrupted download, but before I send more instructions, it would help to know more about when you got this error. Please feel free to reach out to with specifics about what you were doing when you got this error. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for your response. I don’t know why, but now I managed to open it. It seems okay right now, but the downloading speed is really slow. It took me around 2 hours to download 2%. Is there any way to fix this?

yes that is definitely not normal. Do you have really slow internet speed perhaps? It is a very large file you are installing, but it still doesn’t usually take more than 30 min tops. Can you get to a faster internet connection?
i’m still not sure where you are in the installation process- are you still on installing worksheets or on installing one of the individual labs. I have other solutions I can send you, so please feel free to email our support line like I said in the previous response.

I’m downloading the individual lab.

and is it still stuck on downloading the lab you need? Or did it reset back to Download after a while?

It weird. In the past, it stuck on the downloading. However, now I just restarted my computer, and I found that I cannot open the program anymore. There’s no error reports pumped out or any other response. I tried re-install, but it’s not working.

Do you have antivirus software that is blocking it? I’d be happy to hop on a video call with you to help you fix it up whenever is best for you, I just need to you send an email to, so I can send you a zoom link.

I don’t have any other software but the windows security. I’ll reach out to you for the video call later.

Sounds good- I’ll respond to you from there!

Hi Heather,

Thanks for all your help. I got help from my professor and my problem is already solved. I got it down by downloading the lab folder from google drive.

Again, thanks for all your help and become my companion through this frustrated time.



I’m just sorry it was so incredibly hard for you! I’m glad you got it working! just let us know if you need further help.

I cannot connect beyond labz with the online function. I have re-downloaded beyond labz several times. I keep getting “Sorry, there appears to be a problem with your connection. Try clicking on Connect again, and if that does not work, try quitting Beyond Labz Connect and click Connect again.” I have no internet speed problems, ping of 14, download of 28 mb, upload of 15 mbs. Can I have some help please…

Sorry to hear you’re having an issue.
It sounds like you are on v2.0?
Have you been able to shut down the connector - you do that by right clicking on the Beyond Labz icon in the top right menu bar (see attached image).
And then try logging in and connecting again from the page.
If that doesn’t help, please visit and use the “More Help” widget to submit a support ticket.

mac connector

Were you able to get your connect to work? Please let us know if you have any further issues.

No it was not fixed. Did the quit and everything else… don’t understand why it’s this complicated…

I’m so sorry! Well it isn’t normally so complicated for sure.
We’d love to help you from the Support page with what is specifically messing up your computer.
My colleague sent you the instructions for disconnecting from the connect program on a Mac. Are you on a Windows machine? Did you figure out how to quit the connection on your computer?
What browser are you using?
Are you in the main admin account on your computer or a sub user account?
Do you have antivirus software that may be blocking your program?
We’ll help you get up and running- we just need a bit more information to diagnose what it blocking this for you!

I am currently on a windows machine. I quit the connection, it wouldn’t work, then deleted the application re downloaded it. I am on chrome, I am setting this up on my personal computer which has an admin account. I put in my admin pass code to allow installation when windows defender stopped it. I have McAfee for my browser.

@hstephen Thanks for you patience. Could you turn off the antivirus software temporarily and try the program and see if that is the problem.

@hstephen Also could you contact us at It will make it easier for us to diagnose the problem. Thanks.