Can an instructor use student beyondLabz

We are trying to set up unknowns for BeyondLabz and groups and we would like to test them to make sure they work. However, we have the instructors BeyondLabz. Is there a way for us to switch back and forth from instructors view to student view so we can test things before we run into trouble when class starts?

If you were to click on the unknowns from your instructor view - it would open the lab the same as for a student.

Perhaps another way to put it - the lab simulations themselves are always “student view”, instructor features are only part of the main portal.

So all you should need to do is click on the unknown preset you created or the assignment you created and it will open it up as if you were a student.

My understanding from watching the video Creating groups and Joining Groups is that once a group is created you send an invite to the students. They then are able to join the group using the code we send to them and they are able to see the assignments. I imagine they can access the assignments here also?

Another instructor created a group and an assignment and sent an invitation code to join the group to another instructor and I as a test before we do this with the students. The other instructor and I cannot see a place to join the group or see the assignment.

Ah I see - the only thing we don’t have a student view for is joining groups. However, you are welcome to create a student test account for you and your instructors and I can send you a code to activate that account.

Please email me ( with the username of the account you create.