Beyond labz connection

My name is Joshua from Georgia Gwinnett college, and I have an issue with the installation beyond labz v1.7. I had the software installed last semester but accidentally deleted it. for javascript errors:

and another javascript error dealing with the worksheets. but now, I’m trying to redownload the software again, but the software doesn’t finish to completion and only finish halfway.
I don’t know if it a program error but could I receive feedback for any information?

Sorry, I just saw this here. I helped you when you reached out through the support desk this morning. For anyone else reading this- Josh’s antivirus software had disabled the software, so he had to create exceptions in the software for our software and then reinstall and then it worked just fine.
The fastest way to get support is to reach us through our support page with the chat function there: Support — Beyond Labz, or emailing us: