App not working

I downloaded the app and connected and downloaded physics, but when i click open it says this application descriptor could not be found please contact support. anyone has a solution to this? any help is appreciated thank you.


I’m sorry you’re having trouble with Beyond Labz.

Please quit the Connect program with the flask icon in the bottom right of your screen, you will find an up arrow named “Show Hidden Icons” select this arrow then right-click the Beyond Labz Connect flask and select “Quit”.

Open a File Explorer window and go to “C:\Program Files” and right-click the Virtual ___Lab folder (whichever one is giving you the error) and select “Delete”. Not Beyond Labz Connect.

Then in your browser portal window click “Control + R” to refresh your browser.

Login again and click Connect (sometimes you have to wait a moment and click a second time).

Now Install the lab you need again.

If you’re still running into trouble please reach out to us at