Anyone tried to make buffers in this simulation?

I’m trying to figure out how I could make my students build buffers in the pH salt simulation and then test them through a titration. Anyone have suggestions?

Great question. I checked with Brian Woodfield, the creator of that lab, and this was his recommendation:
“I would take a weak acid or weak base and then titrate to the buffer region and then make a preset out of that.”
This is what he is referring to when he says to make a preset: Beyond Labz Instructor Tip 05 - Creating Presets in Chemistry - YouTube
Hope that helps!

That’s a great idea. I watched the video. This may be a dumb question but after I send the file to the students do they save it to their computer and then when you hit control shift q it just automatically finds it? Sorry tech novice here.

Not a dumb question at all! Yes, students will download the preset .vla file anywhere on their computer. Then when they want to open the file, they will just be prompted with a standard file open menu where they can search and select the file that they downloaded.
Anything else?

I think I’m good for now. Thanks so much!