Additional Calorimetry Reactions

Just a For Your Consideration post:

In the Calorimetry bench, I see under the Reactions in the Stockroom that you already have MgO + HCl. With the addition of the Mg(s) + HCl (1 M) reaction, we’d be able to complete the classic Hess’ Law activity for calculating the combustion of magnesium, which is performed in many introductory chemistry labs.

I tried adding the provided magnesium metal to the HCl from the MgO reaction - obviously (since I expect that the solid metal is only there for specific heat calculations) there was no reaction. I laughed at myself and am now here suggesting it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion! We will add this to our list of potential updates, but we want to be up front and let you know it may take quite some time to integrate something like this - we gather real-lab information when we add features to ensure they are as accurate as possible. :slight_smile: