Activation Code Question

I already have a license code of Beyond Labz which expires on April 30 2021. However, I got another new activation code for this new semester.
The thing is, the one I got recently is not activated now maybe it’s because I already have a code.
In this case, can I use the license code that I got this semester after the expiration date? Or is there anyway I can change the activation code for new one?

Great question. If I were you I would continue with the license you have right now until it expires. then once it expires you can switch over to the new code. No need to use up a code until you need to!
there is a chance your new code didn’t work because it only works in our online portal system and you are using our older 1.7 Beyond Labz program.
If you want us to dive into your system to help you now, please email us at, or just hold onto your code and we can help you in the end of april if you still need help switching between codes then.